Buying Property in Turkey Explained

Buying Property in Turkey Explained

Buying real estate in Turkey. Choice: buy a home on your own or contact a real estate agency The procedure for purchasing real estate is a complex process that requires a professional approach and knowledge of many nuances. Thinking about buying a home, each buyer, to one degree or another, is faced with the need to make a choice between an independent search for an apartment and contacting a real estate agency. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing an independent search, the buyer has a chance to save money on agency fees and get a lot of new impressions (unfortunately, not always pleasant), but the possibility of transaction security and competent execution of all the necessary documents is greatly reduced.

You only purchase verified properties. You don't need to waste time looking for a new apartment. The agency will do it for you.

You save money. At first glance, this may seem strange, because the agency's services are not free. The possibility of saving is due to the fact that the Academy of Sciences has already prepared a database of proven offers on the market and offers various options for the price category. Also, when selling real estate, not only the personal desire of the seller is taken into account, but also the results of the assessment of the real market value of real estate.

Agencies handle all documentation. That is, the legal side of the issue will be resolved correctly, according to the law.

You receive support and consulting services at all stages of the selection and purchase of real estate for free.

The agency will select a property that meets all your requirements.

Contract of sale

After you have decided on the choice of housing, we move on to solving the formal side of the issue. At the first stage of the acquisition of real estate in the Republic of Turkey, a sale and purchase agreement is concluded, which clearly indicates the information about the parties to the transaction, the property (address, layout, construction features, etc.), the terms and conditions of payment for the transaction, the obligations of the parties. To sign the contract, you must have a passport and a deposit of 5-10% of the value of the acquired real estate. The buyer pays a deposit to reserve the property for himself. In the event that the buyer refuses the transaction, the deposit will not be returned to him. If the seller refuses the transaction, he returns the deposit in double size.

Tapu (Land Register)

The sales contract does not have the force of a document certifying the transfer of ownership. To do this, you need to get TAPU.

TAPU is the main document that confirms the ownership of real estate in Turkey. It is issued by the Regional Land Registry Office of Turkey. After receiving the TAPU, no one under any circumstances will be able to challenge it, even through the courts.

To obtain a TAPU, the following documents are required:

1) Passport translated into Turkish and notarized.

2) TIN (individual tax number). To obtain a TIN, you must come to the regional tax office, present your passport and write an application.

3) Permission from government agencies - if necessary. In some cases, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the military department that the object is not located in a protected area.

4) Act of real estate appraisal. Issued to the owner of the property in the local Municipality.

5) Opening a bank account (optional). Subsequently, it will be possible to pay utility bills from the same account. It will also be needed if you are applying for a residence permit.

6) 2 biometric photos.

Real estate payment procedure

You can pay for real estate in Turkey in Turkish lira, in euros and dollars. The transaction can be paid in cash or by money transfer from banks located in Turkey, or by international transfer.

By the time the TAPU is received, the property must be fully paid. It is possible to buy an object in installments, but in this case, an encumbrance will be entered in the certificate of ownership, which can be removed after full settlement.

The buyer can make a notarized power of attorney for his representative in Turkey, who will fulfill all the formalities on his behalf.

The transfer of ownership and TAPU takes place at the Cadastral Office after payment of the cadastral fee and tax on the purchase of real estate. The presence of a seller (or a proxy), a buyer (or a proxy), a realtor and a government translator (if necessary) is mandatory. Having received the TAPU, the buyer becomes the full owner of the property in Turkey.

Connection of utilities

The final stage is the execution of contracts for utilities. For this you will need:

1) Copy of the passport of the property owner

2) Copy of TAPU

3) Copy of Iskan (if available)


5) Applications for the connection of utilities

6) Serial numbers of counters

7) If the owner is not himself engaged in the registration of subscriptions - a notarized power of attorney for a representative

Iskan is a technical passport for property. There are two types: Genel Iskan and Ferdi Iskan. The first is received by the developer for the whole house upon commissioning. The second is an individual technical passport for an apartment. If at the time of real estate purchase Iskan is absent (which is typical for new buildings or buildings under construction), it can be registered in the Municipality at the location of the real estate by paying state fees.

DASK is a compulsory insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters. DASK insurance is considered one of the best earthquake insurance in the world. The price of an insurance policy depends on the location of this property in seismic zones, as well as the area of the property and the type of its structure. Antalya is in an area of low seismic activity, so the cost of insurance in this area is relatively low.

All utilities are connected automatically after the conclusion of the contract and making a deposit.

Obviously, the acquisition of real estate can always be a long and difficult process ... We work for you, so that the very procedure for choosing, buying and registering real estate would be easy and invisible for you and so that you can enjoy your new home in one of the most picturesque places on the planet, the pearl of the Mediterranean coast of Antalya

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