How long does take the process of buying and selling?

Are there any additional costs, and if so, what are they?

The entire process of registration of the transfer of ownership takes from three to seven working days. It depends on the workload of the Cadastral Office. The busiest period is from May to October inclusive.

When purchasing real estate, there are the following additional costs: expert state appraisal of real estate (mandatory for foreigners), state tax on the acquisition of real estate, other state duties. Services of a notary and a translator are also paid additionally.

  How do you pay when purchasing a property?

The deposit is paid first. This is necessary to terminate the sale of the object. That is, by making a deposit, you reserve the property for yourself. After paying for the services of an expert assessment and paying tax on the acquisition of real estate and state duties, the date of the transaction is set. The transaction itself takes place at the Cadastral Office, and even then the buyer pays the full value of the property.

  Where does the property sale and purchase transaction take place?

The re-registration of property rights takes place in the state institution-Cadastral Office. All real estate transactions are controlled at the state level. Notaries in Turkey do not conduct real estate transactions. During the transfer of ownership, the seller and the buyer (or their representatives under a notarized power of attorney) must be present. And, if necessary, a state-certified translator.

  Can you rent an apartment?

Yes, you can easily rent an apartment for a long time. To rent an apartment by the day, weekly or monthly, you will need to obtain permission from the state.

  Can foreigners get a mortgage?

Yes, some Turkish banks provide mortgage loans to foreigners. There are a large number of credit programs. Loans are issued to foreigners for no more than half of the real estate value specified in the expert appraisal report and for a period of up to 60 months.

  For how long can my relatives and friends come?

Citizens of the foreing countries can stay in Turkey for no more than 90 calendar days a year. For a longer stay in the country, you must apply for a residence permit.

  On what grounds is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Turkey?

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit: housing rent, work, investment in Turkish real estate and business, marriage and kinship, education in Turkish educational institutions, treatment, research work, as well as staying in the country for tourism purposes.

  If the apartment is for one person, can family members get a residence permit?

Yes, the residence permit can be obtained by the children, spouse and parents of the owner.

  How many people can be registered for a property?

Up to 8 people can be entered in the TAPU (title to property) with or without indication of shares. However, in most cases, TAPU is issued for one or two owners. However, they do not have to be relatives.

  What is iskan?

Iskan is a technical passport for real estate. In its absence, difficulties may arise with the connection and commissioning of such communications as an elevator, natural gas infrastructure, water supply, etc. Also, in the absence of a search engine, utility bills are charged at inflated rates. However, the state of Turkey protects foreign investors and the sale of property that does not have a search is prohibited to foreigners.

  How much does the complex maintenance cost and what does it depend on?

Aidat, the monthly payment for the maintenance of the complex, varies from 5 to 200 USD. The size of the idat depends on the prestige of the complex and the availability of additional amenities on the territory, for example, such as security of the complex, concierge, sauna, swimming pool, fitness room, etc. The average amount of the idat for complexes with a pool and concierge is 30-40 USD. The Aidat includes the cost of using all amenities on the territory.

  What is the most common decoration for apartments in Turkey?

Most often, apartments in Turkey are sold with a fine finish, a built-in kitchen wall, plumbing in bathrooms, ceramic tiles on the floors, marble and laminate, finished double-glazed windows and doors. It remains only to purchase furniture and appliances. In addition, some apartments are sold with all the necessary furniture and appliances

  What to do if you lose your TAPU?

TAPU's paper is not a security. A duplicate can be obtained from the Cadastral Office in just a few hours.

  Type Of Iskan

In Turkey, there are 2 types of iskan - Genel iskan (for the whole building) and Ferdi iskan (for an apartment). In the absence of Genel Iskan, Ferdi Iskan cannot be obtained. With Genel Iskan, there is no need to obtain a Ferdi Iskan.

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